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June 8, 2021

The Family Story Game*

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If you are the person who is ready for more connection and collaboration with Seniors, you are at the right place!

If you have parents who are Seniors and they want to reach out in conversation, this Talkshop will:

  • Engage your spirit with music by Heartbound,
  • Participate in creative exercises, and
  • Meet people of like mind to "hang" with for 60 minutes.

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Naomi Always-Young, Creator of Positive Living Inspiration

Host of the Wisdom Connection



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Wisdom Connection is a Zoom membership and may be exactly what you need to gain more control of your life. We'll focus on increasing Calm in the Chaos so you can be happy and healthy and on purpose. Especially designed for Seniors. If you have become more isolated and lonely, NOW, more than ever, join for FREE Session: June 8, 2021. Sign-up below.

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The Family Story Game*

Now, more than ever, we can aspire to improve our relationships. Join June 8th and learn how to establish a living legacy for your loved ones telling stories.

What if all the questions grandchildren ask were available in a game? What if your family got in small groups and asked questions like this:

*What was the first car you every purchased?

*Who was your best friend in Kindergarten?

*What song always puts you in a good mood?

During this Talkshop, grandchildren will meet adult gandparents, aunt and uncles and play one or two versions of the Family Story Game. Invite your neighbors, your own grandchildren or just show up. We intentionally develop a culture of encouragement providing value being together.

The co-author of Rise in Pursuit of Empowerment, Naomi Carmona-Morshead, has a passion to help people take their dreams off the shelf and engage in purposeful living. As a Grandmother of 7, former widow, mother of 3 and step-mother of 4, she knows how life could easily pass us by. Naomi brings encouragement, love and a fresh view of life to very person she meets.

Calendar one hour on June 8 at 10am Pacific Time.

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